Jury Criteria from Broadcast Gallery

   Broadcast Gallery Loves Artists

      An open letter to Artists about our Jury Criteria

Dear Fine Art Professional,

Thank you for considering the Broadcast Gallery to represent your fine art. As you might expect, we only accept artwork that might be considered stunning, moving or of exceptional quality and that is for sale. However, our selection process is more concerned with your commitment to quality and professionalism than we are with your previous success or status in the art world. New and emerging artists are always welcome to apply to be represented by the Broadcast Gallery network.

Please understand that we cannot accept every artist who applies. Because of the extensive visibility of the art we represent, we must be very selective to preserve the quality of our brand and that of our venues. For this reason, we do not charge an application or jury fee to review your work.

However, before you apply, please notice the following important details of representation. If any of the following makes you uncomfortable, please do NOT apply:

1 - We act as a traditional 60/40 consignment gallery (we take 40% of sales based on your prices) without taking possession of your work, until we sell it. This is how sales work: a) You upload images of it, write about it, etc. b) We sell it. c) You ship it to us and we inspect it. e) If your art is as represented, we pay you. f) We ship to client. You pay for shipping to us, we pay for everything else. We take care of sales tax if applicable. Representation by Broadcast Gallery is considered non-exclusive and does not prevent you from selling your work in other ways. When you sell your work outside of Broadcast Gallery, your Broadcast Gallery account must be updated to prevent a potential duplicate sale conflict.

2 - We pay royalties based upon our proprietary system which calculates how often your work is shown on the network and a percentage of the advertising revenue generated by the most recent and subsequent advertisements shown, divided among those artworks shown in between.

3 - If accepted, we charge a one time fee of $200.00 to pay for integration and training. We typically find it necessary to train artists how to work with us. This training includes pricing, inventory management methods, fine art photography, file type and image configuration and how to facilitate the provenance of your work with signatures, certificates and other necessary biography paperwork. Most importantly, when we sell artwork, it is critical that our artists understand proper packing and shipping practices. Although this training may take some time and effort, we are happy to teach trainable artists whatever is necessary to facilitate the process.

4 - All artists (or artist organizations) with whom we work, maintain their own inventory in our inventory management system, which is directly connected to the Broadcast Gallery Network. This system is located on the internet website: http://www.PortfolioCatalog.com. This inventory management system is also for your business as well as ours. Here you can enter all your work, (images, text, biography, headshot etc.), and select who sees each work of art as well as track where it is physically located. You can print out your own gallery tags, and certificates of authenticity. There is no cost to you for this system. This system may be used in conjunction with the growth of your business into other galleries.

Please note that we do not accept any art that we consider to be religious, political, explicit nudes or sexual in nature. We do not show work that contains profanity or anything that might be considered "creepy" or "dark", controversial or unappealing to our venue patrons. We might not show all of your work even though you may be otherwise accepted into the network. We reserve the right to remove or stop showing work that we might have otherwise shown in the past. We reserve the right to remove or stop showing any work of art for any reason or for no reason at all. We may cease to work with artists who we feel are difficult, unfriendly, or unprofessional.

Again, we love artists. Generally speaking, artists who are professional and easy to work with, are the most successful artists. We look forward to your fine art submission and application.


Andrew D. Hyder
Broadcast Gallery C.E.O.
2290 S. Volusia Ave. Suite E2
Orange City, Florida 32763

Telephone: 612-382-5566